Monday, July 4, 2011

802 - The Blog Angle

For 802, we were given the choice between writing a final paper for the course, or blogging regularly throughout. I have chosen the blog angle, because I feel I can explore a wider range of sub-topics during this six week course. And I like the idea of more frequent sharing of what I am learning and reflecting on what the learning means for me.

The context:

In the fall, I will be working with the Sun West Distance Learning Centre as the Division expands the number of courses offered to students through Moodle (a web-based course management system). Many of the teachers who will be involved in the development of these online courses are brand new to this method of delivery. As such, my role will be to provide professional development in the area of distance learning environments , and to apply an Instructional Design lens to the courses.

I am excited that ETAD 802 offers me a chance to further explore the area of authentic learning in online settings, primarily in asynchronous courses, as much of our course development will focus on this type of delivery. To share my learning with classmates and colleagues, I will post in this blog, Learning Through a Lens.

Some of the topics/questions that I hope to investigate include:

1) defining “authentic” learning and describing its importance
2) constructivist learning theory and its application in asynchronous courses
3) constructing knowledge in online environments
4) the role of the teachers in creating authentic learning tasks/activities
5) developing opportunities for social interaction
6) problem-based learning
7) student communication – through forums/blogs/wikis
8) ways of integrating student reflection


  1. Hi Jade

    Glad to see you sharing your ideas through your blog.I am particularly interested in what you discover around authentic learning.


  2. And we're off and running!And you already have an impressive list of topics. I'm jealous of how organized you are, and I can't wait to see what you come up with!