Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Authentic Learning Lens

Authentic = real = true
Learning = something new = growth = change = enrichment = enjoyment = transformation
Problem-based = seeking solutions = not one way to find answers
Creative = blank canvas = intimidating (!!!???)
Divergent thinking = thinking outside the box

There are many questions engaged in a multi-player game of Pong inside my head right now ... 

       pong                                                                       b
                 back                                  darting                    o
                          forth                                                        u      g
                                  moving                                               c   n
 ... such as:   

  • - How we can use video to create authentic learning environments in today's classrooms?
  • - What is the role of video in today's classroom? Has our perspective changed with the coming of YouTube?
  • - How can video/multimedia be used to awaken creativity in learners?

I replayed Sir Ken Robinson's talk (animated by RSA): Changing Education Paradigms. He states that ,"Our children are living in the most intensely stimulating period of time in the history of the Earth." Yet, we have less engagement in our classrooms, less divergent thinking, less creativity (see Divergent Thinking at 7:40).

My own learning journey is beginning with a narrow focus - learning to understand the camera and its various complexities, learning about scripting and camera angles.

But as I learn, I hope to widen my focus to a broader picture of the role of video in education. 

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  1. How true

    I think that video is a great way to encourage sharing of perspectives and supporting the creativity that Robinson talks about. My own focus is on making learning as authentic (an sometimes painfully authentic) as possible. I am still trying to find all the ways that video can support authenticity.