Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Making of a Community: Script and Shot Analysis

The following outlines the "behind the scenes" decisions regarding scripts, shot selections, angles, and audio.
I have highlighted the sections on the video where each shot can be viewed. 

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Shot instructions

The Making of a Community
The Story of Outlook
Title 00:00 – 00:03

Audio – music

Scene 1
In the spring of 1905, two men stood on the banks of the South Saskatchewan River. Mr. Doupe, the Land Commissioner for the CPR and an unknown companion, gazed at the rushing river.  They were amazed at the site below. One commented on the beautiful outlook and the town name was born.
Pan – Still Subject – River
00:03– 0:36

Audio – rushing water

Scene 2
The fertile land surrounding the South Saskatchewan was perfect for agriculture. As a result, the location of the town appealed to many settlers who were eager to begin their new lives.
Tilt and Zoom In (manually)
0.36 -0:55

Scene 3
On August 26, 1908, a land auction was held in the middle of a field. A large crowd of buyers was in attendance.  Excitement was in the air.

The auctioneer, Mr. Norris, stood on a buggy to begin the sale.
Pan still subject – grass field with buggy 0:55 – 1:09
Cut in  to flat angle shot of buggy seat 1:09 – 1:17

Audio – crowd noise

Scene 4
Early bidding was high. The Hall Company bought the first two lots for $1,825. This is where the Outlook Printers now sits.
Truck 1:17 – 1:31
Scene 5
By noon on the day of the auction, some of the early buyers had already marked their lots.

Lumber that had been bought in Hanley and Moose Jaw was hauled into town so that building could begin.

CLOESUP/FLAT ANGLE: By the afternoon, the sounds of sawing and hammering could be heard throughout Outlook.

By the end of the day, over 500 town lots were sold!

Sequence shot
-          Establishing shot – empty lot with stakes 1:31 – 1:40
-          Medium shot – of stakes 1:40 – 1:49
-          Close up – of hammer 1:49 – 1:58
-          Establishing shot – built
Houses 1:58 – 2:07
Zoom Out (on establishing shot)
1:58 – 2:07
Audio – sawing and hammering
Scene 6
Charlie Brown had the honour of pounding in the first nail in the new town.
Objective Perspective 2:07 – 2:14

Subjective Perspective 2:14 – 2:21

Scene 7
Over the next months, the town changed as stores were built and more people moved into Outlook.

A letter was sent to the Provincial Government in October, 1908, to set up the new village.

Outlook officially became a village on December 19, 1908, less than four months after the auction.
Medium shot with one light – letter writing 2:21 – 2:29
Close up of hand – two lights
2:29 – 2:39
Extreme close up of calligraphy pen – three lights 2:39 – 2:51

Scene 8
On November 23, 1908, the first train came to Outlook.
Head on shot of train 2:51 – 3:12

Audio – train whistle
Scene 9
It took men all day and night to unload lumber, coal, machinery, hardware and groceries. By January, the train was coming to Outlook three times a week!
Swish pan (slow) 3:12 – 3:35
– caboose to train car
Dolly -  close to words on train 3:35 – 3:36

Scene 10
The biggest load was usually lumber. This was used to make the new buildings that were popping up everywhere.  Anyone who could use a hammer was asked to help.
Zoom in on pile of lumber
Swish Pan (fast) To buildings
3:36 – 3:50
Cut away to Close up of hammering 3:50 – 3:56
Scene 11
By the end of January, 1909, over fifty places were open for business! A group of men formed Outlook’s first village council. The council immediately asked the Saskatchewan Government to build a ferry across the river. They wanted to bring people from across the river into town to support the stores. Four months later, their wish came true. On May 9, 1909, the ferry had its first trip across the river.
Long shot – main street 3:56 – 4:30
Tail Away 4:30 – 4:33
Scene 12
Soon, other changes began happening too. Like sidewalks, and a park.
Wipe shot 4:33 – 4:52
Park --- (wipe) sidewalk

Following Focus (camera not moving) 4:45 - 4:52
Scene 13
Five hundred maple trees and 500 poplar trees were planted.
Low angle of trees
4:52 – 5:01
Scene 14
The first community picnic was held on July 1, 1909. A special train was booked that day to bring visitors to town. Several thousand people attended the celebration! The Outlook Hotel fed 642 people.
Reportorial and Rule of Thirds-5:01 – 5:20
- in front of Outlook Hotel  
Scene 15
The town’s first fire in March 1910 destroyed many buildings on Saskatchewan Avenue. Soon, fire protection was put in place.
Effects – town in flames in front of Sask. Ave sign 5:20 – 5:41

Audio – crackling fire
Scene 16
Soon after that, electricity and telephones were also set up.
Long shot, low angle 5:41 – 5:48

Scene 17
In 1912, the train bridge, now called the Skytrail Bridge, was finished. This allowed both passenger and commercial traffic to cross the South Saskatchewan River for the first time without using the ferry.
Selective focus 5:48 – 6:11
Scene 18
The last train to cross this bridge was on March 16, 1987. But the bridge was revitalized and now stands as Canada’s longest pedestrian bridge, spanning 3000 feet in length.
Selective focus (attempt 2) 6:11 – 6:34
Scene 19
Standing 150 feet above the water, this bridge is also one of the highest bridges on the Canadian prairies.
Long shot – tilt high angle of water below 6:34 – 6:47

Audio – rushing water
Scene 20
Skytrail has become a major tourist destination for people from across Canada. It also forms part of the Trans Canada trail.
Pan Moving Subjects6:47 – 7:01 walking at the bridge (couldn’t really pan them because they stopped to chat!!)
Scene 21
As part of the town’s celebrations, students from all three schools were invited to create clay bricks.

MEDIUM SHOT: These bricks were then placed along the walkway along the trail.

CLOSUP: (no script)

Outlook continues to be a thriving town situated on the banks of the South Saskatchewan River.
Sequence Shot
-          Establishing shot of bricks 7:01 – 7:11
-          Medium shot of collection of bricks 7:11 – 7:19
-          Close up of my brick 7:19 – 7:26
-          Establishing shot from further back along the path 7:26 – 7:36
Balance – long shot from further back along the path 7:26 – 7:36
Scene 22
Thank for joining us on our journey as we learn more about the history of our community.
Following Focus 7:36 – 7:46

Scene 23
No script
Pan – Moving Subject (fast) 7:46 – 7:46 – 7:59
Vehicles at Outlook town rainbow sign
Different Light Effects and showing how autofocus changes the brightness 7:59 – 8:45
One light to two lights
Two lights to three lights
Three lights to two lights
Two lights to one light
One light with green film


  1. I chose to get my son to help me in my video as well...I can now see the advantages of waiting until he is older!

    I love that I have been to Outlook so many times and have not seen some of the shots, I like the breakdown of shot sequence too. It made it easy to follow.

  2. Great job Jade. Way more than was expected. I live the shot of the vehicle through the town sign at the end. Good to have the script to follow along.I think you did a fine job of attempting every shot. Good variety of visuals.