Wednesday, June 1, 2011

ZOOM! Educational Program Analysis

I just realized that the educational program I chose to analyze for Assignment #1, ZOOM!, fits into my lens metaphor for this blog. I think this might have happened on a very subconscious level ... deep, deep into the psyche!

I originally created this analysis in Word, then cut and pasted it into Google Docs, which for some insanely frustrating reason, booted me out twice and was slower than molasses in January! And I tried to paste a picture of the Zoom animation into the document, but had no success with that.

hmmmm ???

Google Docs, though has a feature that allows you to download your document in HTML (zipped format). So I tried that and it worked. Once I extracted the files, I was able to provide Blogger with a html link of my document, but since that was not hosted online, it would not work.

So, now I am trying to share this using DocStoc.

Zoom! Program Analysis -

Zoom! Shot Analysis -

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